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Rehab Professionals

I started this course with just the basic background information provided on the website and through the emails.  If that got you curious, you need to take this course!  The information we've covered in just one day was enough for me to abolish pain I've had in my right ankle for 12 years.  Many of the concepts blow traditional physical therapy concepts out of the water.  Get ready to learn with an open mind - you won't be disappointed.  Nathaniel Mosher, PT
Absolutely mind boggling as far as "un-doing" what I've been taught - treating teh sore/tender/weak area.  It was proven many times through the course of the day that this technique works - also I believe in not necessarily worrying about the "why," but just let it happen - naturally.  The example of the visual exercise without actively going through the motions, was just as profound.  Love all the opportunity to practice - also the teaching/explanation/patience has been wonderful.  Marlene Brace, MT
This class is completely different from any other.  Class participation is required, and by that I mean we, the class, perform every new concept and exercise taught.  The results are unavoidable and once you learn them, I challenge any therapist not to try the FAB 5 in their clinic.  I learned practical, sound advice that I know I will feel comfortable trying with my patients, and I am looking forward to Monday Morning.  Tom is an excellent instructor and is really onto something that will change the way you practice your craft.  Sean Ambrey, OT
After the first day of TMR 1, I have "expanded my box" to experience this amazing concept.  Actions speak louder than words, why's or how's with TMR - and the FAB 5 has opened my eyes to these ideas.  Once I overcame a healthy bit of skepticism & allowed the TMR techniques to work I saw amazing things.  I am excited to build on the FAB 5 and use these concepts in my daily practice.  Laura Mandell, PT
I found it interesting to see a change in the body in less than a minute of treating.  I also appreciated the fact of teaching the patient a regimen and giving them the opportunity to monitor and advance themselves as their issues change.  Chuck Walker, PT
This is from a patient who has been using TMR and wanted a more - so they took TMR 1

Amazing.  I have been working with TMR for over a year and a half.  I have had 100% success with myself (or so I thought) and huge success with many different people.  Today, I found out there was a whole lot more to learn.  Tom has come a long way with teaching techniques especially the paperwork.  After just one day I feel much better prepared to help my stubborn "patients" I have struggled with.  I now have a much better systematic approach to pinpoint the "issue" and hold teh patient to the process.  Thanks Tom amazing!  My life will never be the same (understatement)!  Doug Duncan, IT Guy.  The patients Doug talks about are friends and co-workers he as been graceful enough to show the FAB 5 to.

Awesome Seminar.  As a physical therapist for 21 years, I have not attended a seminar which treated my body while learning and applying the techniques in 2 days.  I am 100% sold on these easy-to-learn techniques with quick & effective results.  Now, I can really help people to be pain-free and treat their ownselves as well as prevent aches/pains in their daily lives.  This treatment technique and results need to be broadcast in the newspaper, radio and TV to reduce healthcare cost by decreasing pain medication use.  Thank you Tom for being open & willing to share these techniques for PTs to make a big difference in preventive medicine.  Angie Garay, PT
This was an entirely new experience in learning new ways to approach patients, learning how to be in touch with my body and thereby teaching patients how to do the same.  It was a non-conventional way to learn and one of the most effective ones I have experienced.  A breath of fresh air for pain relief issues!  Michelle Haywood, PT
 Like the concept of making patient solely responsible for self care once they learn the program. Material wasn't difficult to follow and had plenty of time to have questions answered.  Recommend the course and look forward to TMR 2.  Don Chute, PT

I think this is the answer for most of my questions in my treatments.  Thank you for sharing this to the therapy world. 
 I'm sore, but I am pain (tenderness) free.  I woke up this morning for the first time in 3 years not having the pain in my right arm, forearm & hand, no tingling and all the works!!!  I thank god for the gift of healing he gave to your minds Tom & the rest of the therapists you have passed this great gift to.  Thanks Scott for helping guide us in learning the skill.  There's more to practice & learn but I'm thrilled of the concept of significant pain relief right at the first visit.  You'll see me again in TMR 2.  Amper Garland, PT
 I am really excited & eager to start using TMR on my patients (and myself) tomorrow morning.  The course was presented in a systematic way that I feel confident in applying right away.  I've noted chagnes in myself and course participants that have been fairly dramatic.  Deborah Salz, PT
 I have great experience with TMR course because now I know what to give my patients when "conservative treatment" does not work anymore.  I have learned a lot of techniques that I can incorporate with my therapy exercises which I know will have good results.  Faster Results.  Thank you.  Iris Yap, PT
 Thank you for challenging us to think outside of the box.  PTs have always been taught to treat the whole body, thatwe are the experts in movement.  TMR techniques proves that.  I'm so impressed that you have come up with this.  Jennifer Brusca, PT
 I am really impressed.  It is a whole new way of thinking & treating.  I have seen first hand how quickly progress can be made without addressing the primary issue directly.  Alexandra Timmermans, PT
 This course really challenges your mind as to why this TMR technique works.  But, it sheds light on meaningful exercises for patients and gives the therapist room to think independently & build on the concepts presented.  TMR is a realy great way to reduce all pain - its an amazing intervention!  Michelle Leigh, DPT
 TMR - You can take it to the bank!  Don Shechtman, PT
 It was fabulous!!  I will be using it tomorrow! 
 Coming to the course, I was a little skeptical regarding the excellent results I read about on the website.  Now, I can't wait to try this out on current patients!  The course was relaxed, fun, allowed time for discussion which will be a valuable tool as I return to my clinic with possible questions.  Hilary Rendon, PT
This course was terrific.  I like all the lab work.  The instructor was great, knowledgeable and uses it daily "which is impressive."  I look forward to using it in my clinic and teaching my staff.  Georgine Peffley, PT
Tremendous explanation of truly incredible activities to elminate pain even though those activites do not involve the part of the body where in lies the pain!
At first I was skeptical that this could work.  Wow, I haven't felt this good in years.  I'm fifty and now if I do the FAB 5 before visiting my grand kids, I'll be able to do so much more playing & have so much less pain afterwards, hopefully.  If I do get more pain, I'll at least know what to do.  Kellea DeFrank, PTA

I learned first hand the extent of muscle/motion imbalances throughout my body that I knew were present & have ignored.  Ignored because I thought my function was acceptable & rather good.  Testing out the imbalances brought attention to these deficits and with emphasis on exercise on the strong sie has changed the extent of the deficits.  Nice approach to addressing pain & motion deficits.  Dan Norkiewicz, PT

TMR adds a new dimension to any therapis method of care.  It gives you a way to treat the part of the patient and their problem that you know is missing.  The change is immediate and reproducible.  Great Course!
Seeing the results on myself - fabulous outcome - confirmed why I signed up for the course.  Actually, what I learned exceeded my expectations.  It'll revolutionize what I do in home health - effective results and a time saver to boot!  Thanks Tom for developing the concept.  Bradley Yeung, PTA
I have had right sided radiculopathy for 3 years from an 8 year old back problem.  I have not been able to touch my toes for 8 years.  I spent 6 months exercising and stretching without any progress.  On the morning of the second day of TMR I was able to touch my toe.  Jake Gleason, PT
Very impressed with the instant increase in ROM, decrease in pain and increased stability were I was unstable.  Very impressed with how much I can give my patients with only 5 exercises.  Great explanation of the myofascial sweater and how to address it hands free. 
The Total Motion Release Seminar was very informative and was structured in easy to follow steps.  Lab time was more than enough and allowed extensive practice of the Fab5 technique.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and made new concept easy to learn and follow.  Course material can easily be understood and read.  Thanks Tom. 
Great techniques to get quick positive results without pain or discomfort.  These techniques empower the patient to help themselves & gives them tools to treat themselves & gives them tools to treat themselves if pain re-occurs.  It was easy/fun to learn!  Wendy Flath, PT
this is the next step, not only do you look at the whole body, you can address it from any direction.  The flexibility of this technique to apply to all your patients is amazing.  Thank you Tom.  John Twomey, PT
Great global approach to treating the dysfunction and not the painful area.  Widens one's perspective of the causes of pain and expands our ability to treat.  Very useable info and not overwhelming.  Will Allen, PT
The pace of the course is perfect.  Excellent material.  Excellent hands on techniques.  Great manual.
My hamstring/buttock pain has improved alot since doing the exercises in the 2 days.  I no longer have pain with sitting.  Mike Joe, PT
I thank Tom for his knowledge and willingness to share it.  I now have a new excitement about treating patients and clients.
This course has expanded my perception of how we move and that there is a much greater complexity of the body.  Tom DB has expanded our persepctive and perception of orthopedic physical therapy.  Bud Ferrante, PT
A great course.  Got rid of my chest pain, got a new soreness in low back but was able to get rid of it myself by doing the Fab 5.  Surprise to see just motion on the good side can get rid of issues on the bad side.  Christine Leung, PT
Great course - More than I expected!
This class taught me to be a patient (it gave me perspective of being a patient).  I'm a manual therapist and I have been feeling stuck.  This course gave me how to be a teacher and teach my patients how to treat themselves.  Thanks!  
Afer day 1, I felt very jazzed and excited.  I wanted to go home and try it on my husband, mother and others.  I look forward to and can't wait to try TMR and see what hapnens!  I like the "out of the box thinking."  Clare Lewis, PT
I am intrigued with possibility of using this new regimen.  It will be interesting to see the results.  I personally feel much looser after gains through the motions over the weekend - my body does feel more balanced.  Fran Engstrom, PT
I have an 8 year history of Left plantar fasciitis which, as a PT in ortho practice I have not been able to successfully treat.  I was able to get my pain down 50% and now understand that there is an emotional component I need to work on.  Awareness is definitely the key.  It was interesting to me that treating the thoracic spine and shoulders helped it.  Diane Ornoski, PT
Really enjoyed learning the ideas of having patients responsible for their own pain, and how to help themselves for instead of looking to me to "fix" them.  Gives me a lot more freedom for exercising and teaching people about their own bodies.   
This course has called into questions everything that I've done in the past.  What an eye-opening experience!  Since treating myself, I'm no longer standing with recurvatum or experiencing vertigo with heights.  Tom & Jen are very dynamic instructors & ensure that all participants leave with a full understanding to impliment with your 8 am patient on Monday.  Can't wait for TMR 2.  Thanks!  Teresa Rader, PT  Pearisburg, VA
This was an interesting course introducing some innovative concepts in patient care.  I am anxious to not only share the techniques with my students, but to engage in research to demonstrate the efficacy of what we saw and felt with objective data.  Thank you.  Excellent job!  I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Mary Jo Davenport, PT - Professor  Johnson City, TN
Do it!  Anybody want out of their rut?  Wonderful tools to bring to pts, family, friends & yourself.  And what seems a bit voodooish when 1st introduced, will satisfy the mind as well - with open-ended possibilities.  Big Thanks!  Danny Hess, PTA  Versailles, KY
Good course.  Lots to go home and think about.  I thought a lot during the course about who I would use this on.  Great instructors.  Wish my staff would have come to the program too.  Paradigm shift in some of my thinking.  (unable to read signature)
It has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I will definitely be back for TMR 2.  Thanks Tom for all the hard work you have put into this. 
Totally changed the way I am gong to look at my patients.  No longer will I focus totally on their local symptoms but look at other areas that could be causing their problem.  Awesome - interactive - worked my butt off (literally).  Definitely the best cont. ed course I have taken.  Greg Bolt, PTA  Knoxville, TN
Good course - informative - whole body approach - good strategy for helping us solve our own issues and become better educators.  Dennis Hopp, PT  Co. Bluffs, IA
By doing TMR I have found limitations in my trunk and pelvis which is causing increase pain secondary to back injury 6-7 years ago.  By doing exercises on uninvolved side, I had increase soreness on opposite side.  I am very excited about teaching my patients in aquatic pool with these techniques.  I look forward in continuing classes with TMR.  Thanks.  Johnnie Bonner, PT  Bristol, TN
You will be skeptical until you try it.  Just try it yourself.  It will make sense, you will be able to understand issues better, and to be able to teach your patients how to treat, effectively, themselves.  It can be used with any patient with any diagnosis.  Just try it!  Karen Williams, PTA  Morristown, TN
I have been trying to find a course that I coud get all my needed credits.  I took this one happy I could wear sweats because I was gong to a course where I could move.  From the beginning I was evaluation and moving my own body making myself better physically and mentally.  The course makes sense and immediately as a therapist makes you think of patients you want to start TMR with.  I move better now after 1 weekend of TMR than I have in 5 years. 
Coming from a students standpoint, it is like a breath of fresh air to have something to start a foundation of ways to treat a patient rather than starting hands down, blind folded & flying by the seat of your pants grasping at straws in your brain for things that you are going to do.  Honestly, although it is weird, it is so interesting how well TMR brings everything you have learned together and utilizes in one tool to treat the whole body.  Kristen Shipley, SPT  Kingsport, TN
This was a very interesting and unexpected experience for me.  I will definitely be using this on myself - oh yeah - and on my patients - that's why I was here!  The skills I will be able to give our patients will be very valuable.  Thank You!  Lisa Hopp, PT  Co. Bluffs, IA
I am impressed with the ease of taking something so complex and making it simple.  Foundation of Fab 5 was great and I was impressed with rotational presentation and its incorporation.  Thank you.  I hope to improve my skills.  Wow I hope to have fun with the program. 
Prior to coming into the course I had no idea if this course was primarily involved in therapeutic exercise or manual techniques, but I was drawn by the fact that the advertising emphasized treating the whole body. What I found out during the course was that not only is TMR used to treat the whole body, but to educate the patient to treat the whole body for maximal effect. TMR emphasizes “therapeutic exercises” in a specific manner to gain the maximal results for pain reduction with patients. Specifically, I came into the course with a 9 month history of heel pain due to running. I had been through x-rays, bone spurs, and an MRI, treated by an orthopedist and a podiatrist, been casted and placed in a walking boot, as well as, being treated with traditional physical therapy modalities. As a result of using the Fab 5 on the 1st day of this class I had the ability to eliminate this pain, and upon getting out of bed the next A.M. I didn’t have the stiffness and pain in the heel (but did have soreness in the arch, that I’m sure I could eliminate by repeating the Fab 5) Great course – I’d highly recommend it. Kurt Schilder, PT Georgetown, KY
I came to this course for selfish reasons, as well as, to become a better therapist. I work in acute care and was skeptical that I could use it in my practice. I noticed some improvement in my own pain during the first morning of the course, but by the end of the day, I was exhausted and frustrated with myself. I noticed the other participants had significant reduction in their pain. Therefore, I had hope/trust that I could continue to improve myself. Thankfully, I did notice a significant improvement in my pain and freedom to move! I am excited to use TMR in acute care and try to modify the Fab 5 as I need to given the patients acute conditions. Vicky Buchanan, PT Cape Girardeau, MO
Tom – thank you for sharing this enlightening reproducible patient program that shows remarkable results. The low back pain I had the 1st morning is still gone. The scapula pain I had on the 2nd day is 60% better, but I’m very encouraged by how much better it is in the short time. Rolly Kleeman, PT Elkhorn, NE
Tom did an excellent job of relieving my apprehension as a PT and a patient to work and get myself better. He speaks and relates to you in a way that makes you want to learn more and be open to a new way of looking at things. Thanks Tom! Matt Dwenger, PT St. Marys, OH
After speaking with Tom about the course & learning of his connecting TMR with John Barnes MFR & Gary Gray’s Functional Rehab & Fitness, as well as reading testimonials, I felt this course could become a good tool to help me treat my patients more effectively. I arrived at the course with some serious issues with knee pain that I believed would likely require surgery. As I learned one of the early exercises (sit to stand – single leg) I was able to reduce my knee pain. However, throughout the day it returned to about the same level prior to the course. On day 2, I learned to use the wind up & Wow which seemed to decrease my issues of knee pain & left arm/hand numbness. I believe it may be possible to treat myself with the Fab 5, Wow/Wind up and avoid surgery. Mike Holliday, PT Phillipi, WV
I’ve thought that treating the whole body was more effective than treating one area (usually the symptom). TMR increases the tools I’ll have to instruct my patients and help them gain power to help themselves. Deanna Wirick, PT Madison, MI


I came in with bad rib pain. The staff here helped me work out what was wrong and how to quickly fix the problem. I have been to all kinds of physical therapy due to years of playing rugby. This really works!

I originally hurt my hip 14 years ago, since then my symptoms of pain had become progressively worse. Massage was helpful, but the relief was temporary. Since following the TMR plan I have had a huge improvement that has allowed me to have consistent pain relief and the ability to return to moderate exercise. I have found the program easy to understand and it has helped me immeasurably.

I was rear ended causing back, neck and shoulder pain. After a 5 minute session I was in the best shape. I could hardly feel any of the pain I felt walking in. I can truly say I have achieved "Total Motion."

At first I was skeptical of the techniques, but my results proved it to me. I can self treat when things get tight and I am almost 100% better. I no longer have to sleep on a heating pad and I can actually walk in the morning.

It was not at all what I expected. I guess that I expected not to get any relief and I did. It's pretty amazing.

Came in for one visit with severe back pain and within 30 minutes of treatment had great relief. I went home and completed the post treatment directions to further my recovery and was very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with back problems.

My foot was injured playing tennis. After learning the TMR way, my flexibility has increased, my tennis game has improved as a result, and my foot pain is relieved. I've learned a great deal about how my body works and reacts to the releases and I expect to have my body react differently now when I play and it does! All sports people - recreational or professional should learn this process.

I was hoping to (1) improve knee pain and mobility so I wouldn't need the recommended surgery for torn meniscus, which I have already had 10 years ago, and (2) improve range of motion & eliminate pain in my shoulder due to bone spur and tendonitis. The shoulder pain is now almost completely gone, and my knee pain is greatly improved. I will continue with the regimen and do not plan to have the knee surgery anytime soon!

After this past session, I feel complete rotation in my lower back. I can turn equally to the right and to the left. This completely frees my body, which in turn frees my mind and relaxes my body and soul.

I was having pain (in a number of places in my back and neck) that were waking me up. After learning the initial exercises, I was shocked to learn that the pain was just camouflaged. The exercises were great to pinpoint "which areas" needed to be targeted - I've had real improvement with the pain and exercises - This works!

TMR eliminated my back pain and taught me techniques to prevent future injury. The program worked for me.

I had pain in my shoulder and neck area that I had been suffering with for 5 years +. I've had PT, chiro, and it helped some, but not enough. I have been very impressed with the results. I have felt better than I have in 5 years. Thanks.

I was in pain all the time, the pain was located in my left shoulder and neck. The program developed by Total Motion did a remarkable job of relieving my pain and gave me the tools to keep it from coming back. Thank you.

This therapy was an entirely new approach! It is something I will always remember and be able to use in the future.

After many years of back, shoulder, muscle pain, and difficulty with energy level, I have found that the program at TMR has given me the tools I need to decrease my pain substantially and increase my energy level to a level that I thought was impossible. I am very grateful. Thank you everyone.

For several years I have had back pain and tightness. I believed that I would always have to adapt to those problems by restricting certain activities or positions. I have discovered that I can reduce the back pain and tightness to the point that I no longer have to restrict my activities. Total Motion has made a wonderful difference in my life!

I injured left shoulder in a fall. I could not raise it above horizontal. Total Motion gave me the ability to figure out what muscles are causing problems and the techniques to get rid of the problems of pain and lack of range of motion. My left shoulder now works at least as well as the right one - a tremendous improvement. The exercises and techniques I learned here also help free up the movement of my torso, hips, and legs.

I have been through PT for practically my entire life. Never was it like this, or this effective! The thought of working my legs to fix my shoulder seemed strange, but logical. Using the principles of physics is ingenious. What a difference!

During a seminar the presenter showed us all several core TMR techniques and used me as a volunteer to show the others what was happening. When I was able to raise my left arm behind my head without pain in the shoulder or arm shaking I felt such relief I was brought to tears! During the past three weeks I have made much progress both in stabilizing weak areas and in reduction of pain. I am energized by both in-office and home sessions and now have the beginning tools to allow me to release tight and painful areas on my own. Additionally, I've been able to increase my walking distance to about one mile/day. Anyone who can open their mind to this technique should be able to benefit. There are so many symptoms which belong to fibromyalgia patients . . .I can't wait to see them get knocked down to a manageable levels!

I was totally amazed at the improvement of the motion in lifting my arm. It helped with some of the pain in my neck and I'm going to try all of the 5 tests to help my whole body. Thanks so much - this is incredible!

I constantly suffer from tightness in my back and hands, feet, knees . . . As a scientist by trade, I am skeptical of EVERYTHING. What I saw and experienced was amazing. I almost immediately regained my range of motion and my back pain improved dramatically! I am a believer!

I experienced unusual lower back pain last week and pain relief pills and heat pad gave me only minor relief. The program itself makes sense and works very well. It has given me some tools that I can use on my own to treat future discomfort.

Total Motion has helped me to rid myself of pain I have been carrying for years! What I like best is that I can do this for myself now instead of needing the assistance of a therapist continually.

I had migraine headaches. In only 4 sessions, my areas of restricted movement were moving more freely than I can ever recall. The migraine medication dosage has been cut by half. I know what to do if I ever feel a headache coming on or if I start to stiffen up again. Total Motion has definitely improved my quality of life!

Total Motion is truly amazing! After 5 sessions, I have gone to zero pain in every area. On my shopping trips to the mall, I can walk around with no pain. Also TMR has helped my heel pain quite a bit. With continued work I am hopeful that that pain will go away also.

I had chronic low back pain for many years and never was able to treat it other than rest and Motrin. After 2 sessions I was able to self-treat myself to relieve the pain and make myself pain free. I still get back pain at times but a few minutes of "self therapy" and I can get rid of it. I am looking forward to starting doing some of my favorite activities (golf, running, playing with my kids) knowing that I won't have the same back pain and if it does happen - I can treat myself.