The Revolutionary TMR Patient Training System Explained

More videos coming soon showing the system working in a clinic

The videos below show how we use the system at our physical therapy clinic.  There is also an amazing opportunity for personal trainers using this system

Details - Keep It Simple!

  • $3,000 a year depending upon size of clinic.
  • Only 200 Spots Available. Approximately 4 per state. You must qualify to be a member.
  • Get an exclusive territory
  • Can use on an unlimited # of tablets or computers at your clinic.
  • It's like having a additional staff member for each patient. Easily treat 3-5 patients per hour without frustration
  • Use system to treat patients online, if you choose. Never lose money on snow days again
  • Learn how to make an extra $60,000 a year per therapist
  • Save $70,000 on PT Salaries
  • Spend less than $4,000 to open up satellite offices. Save on rent because space needed is so much less

This opportunity is not only available for owners, but is also available to individual therapists.

To qualify for one of the 200 spots you must do the following:

  • Purchase the All 3 Seminar Package.
  • Then take a TMR level 1 Live or LIVE Online Seminar - using the new TMR Training System
  • During the seminar I will explain how you can bring the system into your clinic.