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Rent the TMR Training System

TMR Full Training Program for Clinics

TMR Training System – Affiliate Program Terms of Agreement

As an affiliate of the TMR Training System here is a list of what you are allowed to do and that which you are not allowed to do.  If you are caught to violate this list, your affiliation with TMR Training Systems will be terminated. No fees will be refunded to you and your clients will also be terminated and you will be required to reimburse them. If you are found to have violated our copyright of this material in anyway, you will be liable to pay $10,000 for each incident of violation.

  1. The TMR Training System must at all times be referred to it by name.  You are not allowed to brand it as your own.
  2. A link to our website ( must be put on your main page for the TMR Training System.
  3. Your monthly dues are $200.  Affiliation can be cancelled at anytime by either party.
  4. You will be provided with an exclusive territory.  An email will be sent to you with the agreed upon territory. Please save this email for your records. It will be determined by one of the following:
      1. A selected number of miles around your clinic
      2. A number of city blocks
      3. The 3-5 most used zip codes your patients are currently coming from.
      4. An entire county
      5. A fair determination decided by a Total Motion representative and affiliate
  1. Your territory may change if a new affiliate enters into your area. You will have first right of refusal
  2. You may sell the TMR Training System ONLY to your patients or clients inside your territory.  You are not allowed to sell to others outside of your territory except on rare occasion.  If you happen to sell to someone outside your territory, you must send an email to and let us know the details.
  3. You may not sell this program to other healthcare clinicians including but not limited to: PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs, ATCs, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, MDs, DOs, RNs, DCs, accupuncturists etc, unless they are active patients/clients of yours.
  4. University or College Programs using the TMR Training System can only provide the system to their active students and active professors.  Alumni cannot have access to the system.
  5. At least one active staff member per facility must have purchased the All 3 Seminar Package and taken at least the TMR 1 Seminar either Live or Live Online.
  6. CEU credits for staff trained on the TMR Training System can be received for an additional $225 per staff member (faculty member) per TMR level.  TMR 1 = Preschool to Grade 8.  TMR 2 = Grade 9 to Grade 14. TMR 3 coming soon Grade 15-22.
  7. Any changes or additions to these terms will be emailed to the affiliate.
  8. Total Motion Physical Therapy, Inc and all its entities are not responsible for your patient/clients improvements, changes or injuries and cannot be held liable for any such matters.  We make no claims as to the success your clients/patients will have using this system.  We are not liable for your clients using our system.